Yoga w/Neighbors and Dogs

For a lot of teachers, (and all types of work-week-working people) Sundays can be kind of a downer. If they actually tried to relax on Saturday, then they have to do everything else on Sunday…


(I don’t own this.)

Or maybe they didn’t even take Saturday off, and they still have a lots of shit to do, so they know they won’t get to relax at ALL this weekend, and that makes them frustrated and bitter. *sigh*

Sometimes it’s just knowing that Monday means another week of running around at a million miles an hour, endless to-do lists, and trying to breathe through all of the stress.

Thankfully, so far my Sunday definitely doesn’t feel like the first two. It’ll probably feel like the last one at some point, but we’ll put that off for now.

I woke up fairly early for me, considering it’s the weekend – about 9:30. 😀 I think this is mostly because I took Friday off so I’m actually caught up on sleep and have energy to do things like eat a simple but healthy breakfast, and do yoga in the backyard. I’m staying with a friend right now because, like I said, something pretty traumatic happened over Spring Break. Even though our lease isn’t up for 2 months, I don’t plan on ever going back to our old place, except to move out my things.

This is this reason the last couple of weeks have been so difficult. Where will we (husband and I) live? Who will we live with? What can we afford? Can we stomach going back there? Will it hurt our roommates if we choose to leave? And on and on and on…

So yes, I was doing yoga in the backyard – in clear sight of the neighbors, and with the pups romping around.  But I just said to myself,  “Whatever, I’m actually in the mood to do this, and there’s no way I’m staying inside with weather as awesome as this.” It was really good. Prior to yesterday, I can’t remember the last time I actually did a full yoga set.

I’ve had an interesting yoga journey, and that’s not something I want to dive into too much today. The best thing yoga has done for me is train myself to really and truly believe that I’m  good and perfect just the way I am. I actually got really into it in high school, and I think it was the first time that I had those thoughts about myself, for myself. I wasn’t depending on someone else to affirm it for me, i.e “Of course you’re a good person, I wish I was more like you, etc.” For the first time it was coming from within.

As we 20-somethings know, this decade is a little more complicated than the previous, and I’ve let myself let go of this self-loving ideal, wishing I was more this or more that, even though I’m doing a pretty damn good job.

With the pups wrestling underneath my Downward Facing Dog, my intention was to: Remember that I am a creative, energetic being.

Cheers to Sunday afternoon.


Doing Nothing

Remember how Doing Nothing used to be so boring? Doing Nothing is definitely something I’ve come to appreciate over the last couple of years. I guess the opportunity is so rare, that when it comes about, it just sounds like the best thing ever.  However, I spent all of last summer pretty much Doing Nothing, and it never got old. I wonder if that just makes me lazy…

Speaking of doing nothing, today was kind of one of those days. It’s Saturday, and I managed to put off all productive thoughts for the whole day. I did, however, respond to a couple work emails, do a short yoga set, and decide to start a blog.

You see, something pretty awful happened over my Spring Break (I’m a middle school teacher), so I didn’t really get to relax. This is my second weekend since then. Last weekend I had to work on Saturday, so I took yesterday off.  I finally feel like I’m getting my Spring Break, but in my efforts to relax today, I felt a little lost. Things have been so stressful lately, that even though I was really happy to have free time, I didn’t really know what to do. I realized I need a book, but didn’t bother going to Half Price.  A nook or kindle would be nice…

I contemplated doing work, but managed to restrain myself. And then I thought, maybe I need a creative outlet – I miss writing.

Hence the creation of this blog. 😉