Doing Nothing

Remember how Doing Nothing used to be so boring? Doing Nothing is definitely something I’ve come to appreciate over the last couple of years. I guess the opportunity is so rare, that when it comes about, it just sounds like the best thing ever.  However, I spent all of last summer pretty much Doing Nothing, and it never got old. I wonder if that just makes me lazy…

Speaking of doing nothing, today was kind of one of those days. It’s Saturday, and I managed to put off all productive thoughts for the whole day. I did, however, respond to a couple work emails, do a short yoga set, and decide to start a blog.

You see, something pretty awful happened over my Spring Break (I’m a middle school teacher), so I didn’t really get to relax. This is my second weekend since then. Last weekend I had to work on Saturday, so I took yesterday off.  I finally feel like I’m getting my Spring Break, but in my efforts to relax today, I felt a little lost. Things have been so stressful lately, that even though I was really happy to have free time, I didn’t really know what to do. I realized I need a book, but didn’t bother going to Half Price.  A nook or kindle would be nice…

I contemplated doing work, but managed to restrain myself. And then I thought, maybe I need a creative outlet – I miss writing.

Hence the creation of this blog. 😉


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