4-point Day

So far, it’s a 4-point day, as I’ve achieved four out of the following five points.

1. 20 minutes of cardio.

2. Brief yoga or meditation

3. Almost daily journaling or blogging

4. A few minutes of organizing

5. Careful with what I eat (i.e. snacking less, drinking wine or liquor rather than beer)

I easily burned 300 calories during my 45 walk to and from and from the city center to run errands. (See why Europeans are usually skinnier?!) I wore my heart rate monitor and everything, so I know exactly how many calories I burned. I also had some gelato after lunch, but it was a reasonable amount, and I’ve stayed away from sweets since, and put everything into MyFitnessPal. (This is extra though, I don’t plan to do MyFitnessPal during my whole vacation. ;))

I did a few minutes of organizing my suitcase etc, and am blogging now. All that’s left is yoga or meditation, and I plan to do that before bed.

Other than that, today has been a really good day. My anxiety has stayed away, I’ve studied a little Hungarian, and even helped my Father-in-law learn a little English. I also touched base wtih two friends that I’ve done a poor job of staying in contact with. I’m not going to let the fact that talking more often makes me miss them more get in the way of our friendship. Good friends are too precious.

Now, let’s see if I can put some Hungarian to practice in the kitchen. Cheers to a 4-point day! (So far.)




5 thoughts on “4-point Day

    • Thanks! And same here… sometimes I think it helps me, and sometimes I think it just trains me to count calories, not eat more healthily. But ultimately, I think it just helps me be more accountable for what and how much I eat.

    • Yes, that’s how I am too. I just want to give more life to my life, instead of draining it all out of me by making bad decisions. After this post, I decided I would aim for 25 points per week, which leaves some room for lazy days. Let’s just say, if I’m going to make it, the next three days have to be 5 point days! Good luck to you and to me!

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