That it the for real name of the city in Hungary where my husband was born. We’re here now, visiting his Nagyi (grandma). It is a lovely, old city about 20 kilometers from the second largest city in Hungary, Debrecen. Pictures coming soon! Another unique thing about Hajdúböszörmény is that the layout is circular, like Paris. In fact, some people say it’s the most perfectfly circular city in the world. 🙂 Pictures coming soon!

Budapest was great. We got to see the new metro-line, which has a very unique design. We also went to one of the famous baths, Lukács, that are rich in minerals, and naturally warm. It was so relaxing! A bit pricey, but totally worth it. I also got to meet more lovely family members and friends, most of whom could speak English (lucky for me!). Gotta work on that Hungarian…

At this point in the trip, I’m pretty much exhausted. I’m still having fun, but I’m somewhat ready to go home even though I’m not necessarily homesick. The thing is, not having our own space makes every day just a little tiresome. I’m a person who really needs my me-time to recharge, and the me-time has been seriously lacking for this last week.

The friend of mine who is watching my dog told me he’s not really eating much. She’s having to give him people food just to entice him to eat some. Poor little guy misses as a lot, I guess. It breaks my heart when I have to leave him like this. I don’t know if flying with him would be less stressful though… Thoughts?

I did an overall crappy job last week in terms of points collection. My total was only 11 points, when my goal was 25! I’m pretty ashamed at the moment. But today is a 4-point day, and it’s the start of a brand new week.

Cheers to getting to start over anytime I want!