This Guy

… is doing better.

It might be temporary, or it might give him a few more years,

but I feel so light.

I know now more than ever that I have to appreciate every day with him, because he’s older than I let myself realize, and he has a condition that can be treated, but isn’t going away.

This whole experience has been a great lesson in acting like a “grown-up” even though I don’t feel like one.  The internist who was treating Bartley really wanted him to see a neurologist because his neurological issues were advancing. (Remember, Bartley is a distemper surviver, and he’s one of very few dogs who was treated for distemper the last time it was advancing. The treatment was hugely successful.)

I was forced to decide which was more important: finding out exactly what was wrong by taking Bartley to more doctors after 11 visits, and three hospitalizations – one of which was overnight – or ask the vet to treat him as though we were sure it was encephalitis, since he was showing many of the signs, and given his distemper background, it was likely. I chose the second one. The vet was hesitant because the only way to treat encephalitis is steroids, but since I’m not interested in putting him through more stressful vet visits, and testing or procedures, she agreed it was a good next step.

And he’s feeling better. Like I said, it might be temporary, but hopefully it will be more long-term. He feels better, and I feel so light.

(Also, it’s only 12:18 PM, and it’s already a 3-point day 🙂 )