I Want it all at Once

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble taking on big tasks because all I can think about is the big picture and everything that has to get done, and it’s just so overwhelming. Well, the same goes for my personal growth.

I’ve been pretty down the last couple of days, despite my very true recurring thought you read about last post. I’m so disappointed that it’s taking me so long to get on a better, more organized, disciplined track. I just want to be my dream me, now. I don’t want to wait. 

And then the long lost yoga girl within me, whose voice is way too small these days, says: but remember, you’re already perfect.

What a (healthy?) paradox it is to be conscious that I’m perfect the way I am, yet constantly yearning for the challenge of becoming someone better.

So, I will focus on my points. I will make lists. I will breathe. I will jump into this school year knowing that everything will be okay. I will do my best, and remember not to take it all so seriously… Right? 😉