I Have Thought of You Often

It’s been a really long time – almost (or more than) a month, I think.

Loving work is a dangerous thing. I’m not complaining! I am SO happy that I’m excited (although admittedly tired) every morning when I wake up to go in to work. But, this is what happened my second year teaching as well: I love it so much, want so desperately for everything to go as well as it can, that I work really long hours, and even sometimes bring work home with me.

Part of me is saying, “But it’s the beginning of the year! Get started off right!” And another part of me is saying, “Danger!” I can feel it happening, the awful phenomenon when I’m in a non-school setting, but all I can talk about is school. I literally can’t think of anything else.

The other downside is that when I get like this, work seems to be my top priority, so everything else starts to fall to the wayside. Diet? What’s that! Sleep? Who needs it? Yoga…. My blog? Oh, that was a lot of fun…

*Sigh* So, I’m a little worried. My routines are not going as smoothly as they were either. (Outside of work, anyway. There it is again!)

The nice thing is, I feel good. I feel confident. I have energy. I’m being productive. I want work to go well, but I don’t want to lose sight of everything else.

This week I will remember that although success at work is fun, it’s not the most important thing. All the other life stuff will catch up to me, and it will seriously weigh everything else down if I don’t keep on top of it.

Back to my points. Back to my routines. Back to feeding me and not just Ms. Choir.