The Rest of the Week

went by in a blur. I woke up late. I didn’t plan my lessons. I hardly challenged the kids. I would actually day dream about going to sleep. I ate terribly. I skipped grocery shopping and laundry. I spent lots of money going out to eat. Basically, I did the bare minimum in every spect of my life, which made me feel worse and worse about myself.

Now it think I’m experiencing anxiety as well. I have this need to inhale really deeply, but when I do, there’s a sharp pain in my chest. I really want to sleep….

Hopefully I will find enough love for myself to start putting more energy into life again soon. Right now, anything more than the minimum feels like too much. I know that my life is really good and I have SO much to be thankful for. For some reason, right now that knowledge isn’t enough to make me feel better.

I will keep trying.


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