Being Intentional

There are so many benefits to having routines. As I’ve said recently, my primary goal with building routines into habits is so that I can have a foundation for getting shit done, and thus can make more room for joy.

Another benefit, is being intentional. Being intentional about things, knowing I am getting this done when and why will, I think add a grater sense of accomplishment when doing tasks. I will be more aware of what I accomplish, because I decided to complete whatever task, rather than just letting it happen. All of that makes sense in my head, but I’m not sure it transferred to the page very well…

Anyway, I just walked through my day for tomorrow. I verbalized the things that I will do, in more or less the correct order. I know it might sound like a bit much, but I wanted to focus on my intentions for tomorrow, and imagine things going well.

The truth is, I want things to go well. I want my students to have a great first day, and for me to connect with them, to have fun. But even if things don’t go as planned, if I forget a step here and there, I’m still a great person. I can still go home and enjoy my evening, and learn from – benefit from – every experience.

Not matter what, I’m going to be okay.


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