Could it Be Christmas?

Down here in Texas, we’ve had a bit of warm front. It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and is 75 degrees! We aren’t complaining though – the warmth gives us energy. If it was cold, I’d probably just want to lay around in bed all day.

My mom isn’t much of a cook, so my dad used to cook everything around the holidays, and my mom would stumble and grumble through whatever she could bear. I’m not a great cook, but I do enjoy it. Dad’s taking care of the ham, but it looks like I’m in charge of everything else! I’ll post the recipes here after I make each dish.

First of all, to prep for the family reunion we’ll have in a few days, I tried out this recipe of mulled wine. I wasn’t too crazy about mulled wine when I lived in Hungary 2010-2011, but since returning, I crave it around the holidays. This recipe hit the spot! Next time, I’ll add an extra cinnamon stick.

Tonight, I made the first batch of many batches of these traditional sugar cookies. I need to frost them tomorrow. Right now, I feel like I’m already in a sugar coma, and I’m not too excited about all the cooking that the next couple of days is going to bring. I’ll just have to eat healthy when I have the chance, and restrain myself from snacking while I cook and bake! 🙂

Wish me luck!

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