So Much Sugar!

Well, I had a healthy-ish day… but there was so much sugar throughout! Today is my dad’s birthday, so I made him some cupcakes. I used this recipe

Vegan Cupcakes (not my picture)

but went for whole milk instead of almond, and reduced it down to 12 servings. I tried this vegan recipe on a whim once, and now it is my go-to cupcake recipe! I love them.

For the frosting, I used another recipe I’ve tried before. I remembered my dad raving about them, so I decided to bring it back.  Delicious, light and fluffy, strawberry frosting – perfect!

It was a busy day for cooking, so after the birthday cupcakes and frosting, I prepped the Green Bean Casserole for tomorrow. This is absolutely my favorite holiday recipe! I go ahead and put french fried onions on top too though. 😉 It’s all ready to go, so tomorrow I’ll just have to pop it in the oven!

And finally I prepped these little cuties. I assembled them – it was tricky! – and placed them in the freezer. Tomorrow when we sit down to dinner, I can pop them in the oven too. Here’s my attempt…

apple pie cookies

Apple Pie Cookies

I prefer the name mini apple pies. There’s nothing “cookie” about them!

If you celebrate, Merry Christmas! If not, I hope you have the day off and spend it exactly how you want too. Cheers!


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