Day 02/34 of Eastern Europe Trip


We woke up pretty early today, but then we had trouble finding a place to eat that was open, due to it being Sunday, and the fact that where we eat has to accommodate dogs. I was super hungry, because I hadn’t eaten much the night before. We knew we wanted to go to the Sunday Market at Szimpla, a ruin pub in the Jewish district. So, we headed that way but did’t have luck finding an affordable place to eat that allowed dogs, until we were already at the market. And THEN we discovered Bartley couldn’t go into the market. At this point, I was getting pretty Hangry.

Thankfully, there was a cafe right across from the market that had really great prices and was super dog friendly, called Szimpla Háztáji.

The line was really long because, and someone cut in front of me – gotta be more assertive sometimes – but it was worth it. We each got the menu, which was a salami sandwich, cappuccino and apple pear juice, all at a great price. 🙂

After our breakfast – which had turned into lunch – The Boyfriend took Bartley on a walk, while I went into the Szimpla Market. This was overwhelming, but such a great experience! My first stop was the vegetable stand, because it seemed to be the least intimidating. I got two tomatoes, a Hungarian paprika, green onions, and purple onions. I was able to speak with the lady entirely in Hungarian, which was fun as well.
Next, I went to the cheese stand. I got two small piece of cheese (not really sure what kind, or how much because the metric system is forgein to me :|), one type had basil and thyme mixed in, and one type had garlic. YUM. The next stop was a meat stand, and wow, this was the best treat. I asked for a mix, so I got a plate stacked with two types of salami, procsciutto, sausage, and smoked chicken, all for about $5. The last stop was the bread stand. I got a quarter loaf, and then two individual sandwich bagettes. I felt like it was a very successful trip.

On the way home, we stopped for a couple beers on the patio of a place called Fat Mama. We were tired, and it was actually pretty hot, especially for Bartley, so it was nice to relax for an hour or so. Bartley got lots of attention from passersby. 🙂 The Boyfriend and I had two beers each. The first round was Soproni, the second round a stronger German beer, called Jam72.

As we walked home, we were intrigued by the many cafes and pubs we saw in the Jewish Quarter, and decided we would love to come back and explore more. As we rounded the corner to our Airbnb, we were struck by the sight of desserts, and chose to enjoy some. The Boyfriend got ice cream: a scoop of Lemon Basil and a scoop of Lavender Apriot in a cone, and I got Triple Chocolate Mousee. Nagyon finom!

As is our typical routine at this point, it was afternoon nap time! When I woke up, I went down to the SPAR, a convenience store sized grocery store around the corner, and a few more groceries: bottled water, so we have water for Bartley when we go on super long walks, apple juice like what we had at the cafe that morning, körözött, (because I’m obsessed ever since our breakfast yesterday) and some eggs.

When I got back to the apartment, I then tried to recreate (in sandwich form) our breakfast from yesterday. I used the individual sandwich baguettes, and covered each side with körözött. Then, I added the basil and thyme cheese, tomato slices, and chopped green onion. Finally, I added Hungarian sausage slices, and put the sandwiches in the toaster oven. Oh, it hit the spot! My goal is to find körözött at the daily market we plan to go to tomorrow or the next day.

We Skyped both of our dads since it was Father’s Day, and then ended up squeezing in a quick work out. By the time we were finally ready to go, it was 9PM! Our plan was for this to be our first outing without Bartley… boy did he have different plans. As soon as we were in the courtyard, we heard him yapping from our apartment. This is something he hasn’t done since I first got him. Since it was so late on a Sunday, we didn’t have any choice but to bring him with us. However, he needed a consequence first.

We went back to the apartment, but we completely ignored him for half an hour. Then, we took him with us, but didn’t let him stop once to sniff around (we had taken him on a walk recently, so we knew he didn’t need to go to the bathroom.) We kept him on a short leash and didn’t give him any praise, until after our first stop, which was probably a 20 minute walk.

Our first stop was Karavan, a street food/food truck court next to Szimpla. We went to the lángos truck, where I got lángos with red peppers and goat milk, and The Boyfriend got a pork burger on a lángos style bun. Delcious! At this point, we started to give Bartley verbal praise again, and attention, and had formulated a plan of action to train him to stay home next time. Fingers crossed it works!

With our appetites satiated, we headed next door to Szimpla Kert. Alas, we couldn’t stay because they didn’t allow dogs. We ended up going to Kőleves Vendéglő, a huge outdoor pub we noticed earlier in the day that had hammocks and all sorts of colorful lawn furniture. It was the perfect spot.


The highlight of the night was when a choir started singing beautiful music from their seats in the corner, drinks in hands and everything. We walked over to enjoy the beautiful singing. After, I mustered up the courage to ask the name of their group: Csikszarda Varos. Check them out! Apparently, this flash mob style of singing is something they routinely do. With a quick search, you can find videos of them.

After a few shots of palinka, and a couple glasses of wine for me and beer for The Boyfriend, we made it back to the apartment around 1 AM, ready to fall fast asleep.