Day 03/34 Eastern Europe Trip


We slept in… by a long shot! We didn’t leave the house until after noon. Our plan was to walk Bartley and find a random place for breakfast, and then come back and see about trying to leave him in his kennel again. We walked somewhat aimlessly in search of breakfast. We’ve learned that if we go just a few blocks away from Andrássy út, everything is cheaper, so that was our plan. We ended up just off of Teréz Körút near the train station. We found a Czech style burger place, and decided to go for it, because we were hungry. 🙂 It did not disappoint! We shared a burger and fries, and each had a cappuccino, and were pleasantly full at the end of the meal.

On the way back, we stopped at Oktogon Square, by far the biggest square we’ve seen so far this trip.


We were both anxious about the next item on the agenda: training Bartley, so we decided to ahead and go back to the apartment. We played a little fetch, and took turns distracting him while we each got books/computers ready for coffee shop internet time. So, when it was time to put him in his kennel, we skipped the build up of him stressing about if he would get to go or not. We gave him some salami, a toy, one of my shirts, and told him we would be back soon. Then, we headed to the courtyard to wait and see what happened next.

Well, it was very painful two minutes of barking. I hated every second of it. He finally gave out a really desperate, high pitched yelp, and then that was it for the barking. For about 7 more minutes, we could here him whining, but then he was silent. We waited an extra 5 minutes before heading down the street to the coffee shop on the corner. Success!

We were so proud, and relieved! However, it still a little weird to be without him. But, it’s really important to do this daily, because we can’t take him everywhere we want to go.

Down the street at, Mozsár kávézó és étterem, we had an amazing mousse/cake dessert, two cappaccinos, and two delicious lemonades over the course of the next couple of hours. It was really nice, and I’m so glad this little spot is right down the street from the apartment.


Before heading back to the apartment, we stopped at the 24 hour shop to get some cheap salami, so we’d have something in hand to reward Bartley with as soon as we let him out of the kennel. Boy, was he a happy dog! We gave him the treat, told him did a great job, and played some fetch. Then, I made a couple sandwiches, we shared a beer, and we decided to head to heroes square and city park. Bartley was quite happen to join us this time.

When we got to Heroe’s Square, I was really disappointed to see that there’s some kind of arena set-up for performances. I was even more disappointed that the music was NOT good. 😐 We went into the City Park, and I think at this point, my jet-lag finally hit. Every other day we’ve taken a nap in the afternoon, and today we didn’t. It was like I just hit a wall.

We found a restaurant. I ordered an iced coffee, which turned out to be more like a coffee ice cream float – not complaining! – and The Boyfriend ordered strawberry soup, which turned out to be a smoothie in a bowl, with a scoop of ice cream in the middle. He didn’t complain either. 😉 They even had a special dog menu! So, Bartley was pleased as well.

Then, we walked around the park, and quite literally stumbled upon The Szechenyi Baths.


And the Vajdahunyad Castle.



It was a really incredible experience. Later, we discovered that the castle actually isn’t that old. It was built at the turn of the 20th century as part of a millennium celebration to commemorate 1000 years of Hungarian architecture. Still really fascinating!

On our way home, by this point after 9 PM, we realized we’d taken over 17,000 steps. Impressive! We found a lovely place for dinner on Andrássy út, where we both had pálinka, I had wine, The Boyfriend had beer, I ate paprika chicken with buttered noodles – SO GOOD – and The Boyfriend had a bowl of gyulas soup. Ok, so he had some of mine too. 😉 Bartley was passed out under the table… Remember, 0ur 17,000 steps is more like 80,000 to him.

Maybe the next time we try to leave him at the apartment he won’t mind so much!


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