Day 04/34 Eastern Europe Trip


Bartley and I went to my new favorite neighborhood spot from yesterday, Mozsár Kávézó, and ordered a quick latte and croissant because I was super hungry. Then, we headed over to the area near Kálvin tér to meet a friend of mine. She and I studied together at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary nearly ten years ago. This was my first time seeing her since then! We’ve skyped a few times, but it’s actually been many years since we’ve even done that. It was great to catch up, and see that’s she’s doing so well in Budapest.

The Boyfriend joined us for the end of lunch at Fecske. Then, he and Bartley and I attempted to go to Nagyvásárcsarnok (The Great Market Hall), but we were cut off due to little Bartley. At this point, we were tired of the heat, and The Boyfriend was quite hungry, so we decided to try to find somewhere along the Danube to eat. Everything on the Danube was either too expensive, or, oddly, didn’t have a nice view of the Danube, so we ended up at a more affordable hungarian restaurant chain called Kantin on Váci utca. Bartley was really pleased to have a bowl of water. He had ignored his bowl of water the whole time at Fecske – bad move.

At the start of the meal, we were so tired and hot, we thought maybe we’d just take a cab home. But after the meal (and a few refreshing rounds of wine & beer 😉 ) we were ready for the challenge, and I’m so happy we changed our minds! We walked back through the Jewish district, and ended up at this lovely food court, that was MUCH less crowded than Karavan.


At the vegan food court, Rácskert, we each enjoyed a Soproni, and some quiet time reading. Bartley enjoyed some water and a nap. It was really nice to have a some quiet time, but not feel like we were missing out on exploring the city. When we got home, we got ready to go out and see Budapest a night, something we’ve been meaning to do, but hasn’t happend yet.

We started with the gorgeous Szent István Bazilika, which is just a few blocks for our place.


Then we continued towards the Danube, taking in all of the people, the pubs, and the views, as we went.

When we got to the Szécsény Bridge, the sight was so gorgeous, that we decided we had to continue on, even though we were tired.


We crossed to the other side, walked along the Danube on the Buda side, and found a pub to have a drink at while taking in the view of Parliament.


Then, we walked back along the Margaret Bridge, stopping often to take in the beauty that is Budapest at night.


We finally decided we were so exhausted, we’d take the tram home from there. Considering this was our final step count… I’d say we deserved it. 🙂


Once home, it was time for a tiny bit of yoga to stretch out after so much walking, a bit of internetting, and sleeeep.