Day 05/34 Eastern Europe Trip


When we woke up,  went to brunch at Most Bisztró on Ó utca. It was delicous, and just the right amount of food and the right price. 🙂 The waiter also said, “Nagyon magyar tanar!” to me, which means Good hungarian teacher! (He said this after The Boyfriend ordered something in Hungarian.) We then proceeded to attempt a conversation in Hungarian, and he realized very quickly how little I really know, but still smiled at my efforts.

Next, we walked Bartley around a little bit, to get him good and tired before leaving him at the apartment for a while. We went home, cooled off, and then headed towards The Great Market Hall. On the way, we stopped at Muzikum Club and Bisztro for some drinks and reading.


At the market, we got some veggies, körözött (of course) bread, SALAMI (it’s sooo delicious) and a few treats. It’s a truly incredible place.


Next, we went home and cooled off (again), and made sandwiches for a picnic. Mmm, look at that salami!


Our destination? The beautiful Margitsziget, a park that is an island in the middle of the Danube! We stopped for a bottle of champagne, chips, and cookies, and we were on our way. We had a lovely time in Margitsziget. We saw lots of people watching the world cup, many families playing, and heard the rhythms and cadences of this beautiful language all around.

**Edit! I almost completely forgot the most exciting part of this day! After going to Margaritsziget, we relaxed at home for a bit. Then, we decided to go out to our neighborhood pub, Kiadó Kocsma. No sooner had we ordered one drink, did my dear friend from the Kodaly Institute, show up! This is the same friend I’d had lunch with the day before… and here she was, randomly! She, The Boyfriend, her friend and I stayed out until about 3 PM, drinking, sharing stories, and having an absolute blast.