Day 07/34 Eastern Europe Trip


The Boyfriend and I decided to explore the city on our own some today. I woke up before him, walked Bartley, bought a bag large enough to carry my computer in (SO annoying when you end up leaving something at home that you actually end up needed while traveling) and some pogácsa for a breakfast snack.

When I went back to the apartment to grab my laptop (now that I could actually fit it in my bag) The Boyfriend was ready to head out as well. We ended up going to grab coffee together, and I posted pictures of our travels to facebook while he read. Oh! I almost forgot! It rained last night, and it brought a crazy cool front with it. Today’s high was 62 degrees, while yesterday’s was in the lower 90s! We were in a bit of a shock, but it was also a nice change.

The playist at the coffee shop was ridiculously awesome. Think early 2000s Slow Dance: You and I Collide by Howie Day, All of the People by Lifehouse, and BEAUTIFUL SOUL BY JESSE MCCARTNEY just to name a few. Wow.

Then, we went our separate ways. I took Bartley to explore, and The Boyfriend went to grab Pho, something he loves and I don’t. After a bit of walking, I discovered Kazimír Bisztró. Even though it was chilly out, I loved the patio, and happily set up camp there for reading and internetting.

The Boyfriend joined me a couple hours later, and then I ordered the most interesting thing I’ve ordered so far: smoked cheese, with a salad and sundried tomatoes. I thought for sure I was ordering a sandwich. Nope. That is just a slab of delishously smoked cheese.


I told myself I’d only eat half of it. Nope!

That evening, after working out (since it became clear we weren’t going to get our 20,000 steps in today) and a snack, we ran some errands. We needed basic things like toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags. After, we grabbed a drink at our neighhood Mozsar Kavezo, and did some research about Ruin Pubs.

We decided on Koplug, a Ruin Pub just a 5 minute walk away. However, once we got there, we realized it wasn’t really our scene, and went to a quieter pub next door called Patent. It was the perfect choice.


We had LOTS of drinks, enjoyed the random playlist – Paramour, Panic at the Disco, Artic Monkeys, Linkin Park, and Tove Lo. At some point, we realized we were quite hungry, and headed to the Karavan food trucks next to Szimpla.

The Boyfriend got the same pork burger as last time. I got pasta that was WAY too spicy, we had a waffle with vanilla pudding and strawberries for dessert. Okay… I had the waffle, but I shared a bit… 😉

PS A couple nights ago, after I had already fallen asleep, The Boyfriend heard a ticking sound that was annoying him. He finally located it, and it was coming from one of the breakers…. because I hadn’t switched our converter/adapter back to adapter after using it as a converter with my hair straightener, when I plugged it back into the power strip. WHOOPS! So glad he heard the sound and figured it out before anything happened!


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