Day 11/34 Eastern Europe Trip


Unfortunately, we had to check out of our Airbnb in Bratislava at 10 AM. It really would have been nice to see more of Bratislava!

We decided to head in the direction of the train station, and stopped at a cute coffee shop for coffee and breakfast on the way. The Boyfriend got a sweet pastry filled with fig jam and powdered sugar. I basically got a croissant sandwich, with veggies and prosciutto, and we shared something that looked like crepes, but it was more like a soft waffle cone texture, filled with hazelnut and vanilla pudding. YUM.

We got to the train station well in advance, and learned that if Bartley is in his travel kennel, he gets to travel for free. Yay! We departed at 12:07, easily found seats together, and again enjoyed views from the train.

In Brno, we took the short walk to our beautiful Airbnb, and were happy to meet our hosts. This would be our first experience staying in a room in someone’s apartment, rather than have the entire space to ourselves, and we were a little nervous about it. But our hosts were so sweet and helpful, and our room so beautiful (plus it was obviously cheaper) that we quickly realized this was a great decision.

Unforunately, we slept terribly in Bratislava, due to a serious lack of pillows, so we needed a nap. By the time we woke up, we were a little frantic because we knew we didn’t have much time left… and then it started raining too. We managed to go on a walking tour where we saw, in The Boyfriends words, the most metal church ever, (Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul) Old Town Hall and Spilberk Castle…

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We also just loved walking down the narrow streets and enjoyed the town’s squares.

We read about this fascinating museum called Nuclear Shelter 10-Z. It was a bomb shelter for the public to use during WWII, but afterwards, it became a secret nuclear shelter for the communist elite. It has recently reopened for the public to experience. Unfortunately, for the English night tours, you have to book three days in advanced. Next time.

By this time.. we were HUNGRY. We enjoyed one of the best burgers of our lives at Burger Inn, right down the street from the apartment. Sooo delicious. Afterward, we went home, fed Bartley and relaxed a bit.

Then, we set out for an evening of drinking! We had some AMAZING cocktails at The Bar that Doesn’t Exist, (again – just steps from our aparment!) and got to observe the bartender and all of her magic. I should have asked for a picture. A little after 11, we moved on to Super Panda Cirucs a “secret” bar that involves playing games to determine your drinks for the evening. I admit, I was nervous at first, but it was a lot of fun! The Boyfriend claims he had the best drink of his life there. 🙂

We wound up back at the apartment a little after 2 AM. On our walk back, there were still many people in the streets. Brno has quite the nightlife – keep in mind this was a Tuesday – and quite the cocktails!