What are these points all about?

As I strive for for self-improvement – happiness, really – I’m focusing on the points below. Once I build them into habits, I’ll move on to more. Basically, I get a point every time I achieve a goal, and I’m aiming for 20 points per week. You can see the thought process here.  Here I will show you all of the points I’ve aimed for, starting with the most recent. Let’s see if this helps me achieve a healthier, happier life style. Maybe some of you will even join me! 🙂


1. Yoga/Meditation

2. Blog

3. Healthy Eating

4. Exercise

Most recent

1. Follow my morning routine

2. In bed by 10 PM, electronics off by 10:30.

3. 10-minute clean at the end of the work-day and in the evenings at home.

4. “Let’s Wrap This Up!” Checklist complete before heading home from work.

5. Careful with what I eat.

6. Brief yoga or mediation

Less recent

1. 20 minutes of cardio.

2. Brief yoga or meditation

3. Almost daily journaling or blogging

4. A few minutes of organizing

5. Careful with what I eat (i.e. snacking less, drinking wine or liquor rather than beer)

6. In bed 8 hours before I have to wake up. Lights out (and technology off!) 7 hours before I have to wake up.

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