Welcome Back, Adulthood…

I’m sorry, but I did not miss you (adulthood) while I was gone.

Reality hit me like a slap in the face no less that 12 hours after I landed. Bartley is sick – really sick. He couldn’t even wag his tail when he saw me for the first time. It’s been a week since we went to the vet the first time and we’ve ruled out a lot of things including pneumonia, cancer, problems with organ function, and viruses, but his fever just keeps getting worse. Tomorrow we go in for more testing.

Last night, I let panic get the best of me – surprise surprise. I had all kinds of horrible thoughts about him dying. It’s really hard to stay calm when his fever goes up. Unfortunately, it usually happens at night, which just makes everything more stressful. Bartley is a really nervous dog. He does not handle new people, let alone a new hospital, easily. He almost always has to be muzzled and ends up peeing/pooping on himself. It’s awful enough when this happens at a regular check-up, but right now, when he’s already such a sick dog? I’m so worried about him. I keep checking his temperature every couple of hours, and holding my breath.

I had big plans to work on my points this week, and soak up the summer sun. Ha! That is so not my priority right now. I’ve gotta get this guy better, and remember that I am an adult who is capable of making the right decisions… right? Right. Of course I will utilize my resources: veterinarians, husband, friends, parents, etc.

Please send us positive thoughts.


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